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If you are here, You are a like-minded person who seeks challenges, Just as we do. It's a vast and lonely world full of games out there with tons of opportunities and our main mission is to explore and conquer them, While we have fun together. We are defining ourselves as casual-core players, Unfortunately we have grown enough to face the responsibilities in life, But not too much to forget the childish dreams of being warriors or mages. We have a long and glorious history and we will be here for many more years to come!

If you feel Aeon Knights is the best home for you, You are welcome to introduce yourself and apply for membership.
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Latest News

3.0 Hard Mode Progression started

Feb 27 2015 07:27 AM | Aesir in StarWars The Old Republic News

Aeon Knights SWTOR have kicked off their first night of attempts on the new Hard Mode Operation Ravagers and were quite succesful right out of the gate. After some more warming up and gearing in Story Mode, we briefly dipped our toe in progression for just over an hour.
Our first foe has fallen. AK are 1/5 Ravagers HM

Posted Image

Unfortunately after biting Jabber'wocky's face off, Sparky had to be put down. (Hence the mask). But don't feel bad it couldn't really get any uglier anyway could it Jabber?
Thanks to the whole Operations team, not just those who were present!

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Welcome To Crowfall

Feb 10 2015 10:52 PM | Pybo in General News

Hello All and Welcome to our youngest division Crowfall.

Although just announced Crowfall is all ready causing major stirs in the MMO community calling itself a throne simulator. With no raids or dungeons Crowfalls unique endgame system of campaigns and map resets where crafters make the best equipment attempts to finally bridge the gap between Theme park and Sandbox MMO's.

Following the success of the Multi leader SWTOR division over the last year Crowfall will follow with a similar Muilti leader system with former AK GW2 and TESO leader Jinks and former AK Wildstar leader Pybo joining forces to take the reigns.

The goal is to slowly build the foundations for a successful division over the coming months and years as we head towards launch.

Posted Image

Will Jinks or Pybo earn the ingame campaign points and votes to be crowned king and tyrannical overlord for the following campaign where AK can control ingame region taxes and vendors? We sure hope so.

Have what it takes to help AK take the throne? Then strap in its going to be a fun ride.

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Star wars November December update

Dec 31 2014 12:05 PM | Aesir in StarWars The Old Republic News

AK Star Wars: The Old Republic Division rounded off an eventful couple of months in the game with a new expansion, the game's third anniversary and a new Force Marshal. Aeon Knights has grown steadily over the past six months and we're happy to see the guild settle to a size we're very happy with, with member activity remaining strong. The month of December started off with a brand new second Digital Expansion for our beloved game, heavily featuring an old familiar character in Shadow of Revan. The new expansion has brought with it a couple of new planets, new story, new Operations, a new skill system, new gear and much more.

Several veteran players have used the opportunity to switch main characters and we're looking forward to seeing how the new composition and news specs gel into a new look Operations team in 3.0. Remember to read this and sign up here or HERE for the first run into the new Operations.

Last month also saw us honour a three-year tradition of celebrating the anniversary of pre-release of the game with our very own AK Player Awards. This was the first time we were able to hold it in our very own guild ship cantina, and despite a less than stellar turn out due to scheduling conflicts, great laughs were definitely had. See the winners here.

Posted Image

Thanks to all the players, the very generous award sponsors and the winners for making it another great year. Thanks for all the patience you've had for the guild leadership, thanks to everyone who came forward with problems, we really encourage you to keep doing so. This is just a game but it's also a community and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the game and eachother's company several nights per week. Lastly I'd like to welcome the new members again and congratulate Mazio on his promotion.

On behalf of the Dark Triumvirate/SWTOR Assembly all the best for everyone and their loved ones for 2015. Let's have another great year in Star Wars and in the Aeon Knights Community. And remember.. only 50 weeks until the Force Awakens! Glory to the Empire!

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Aeon Knights: Conquerors of Taris

Oct 22 2014 12:32 PM | Aesir in StarWars The Old Republic News

Taris: Controlled by Aeon Knights

Posted Image

Well this is definitely worth a news post on the front page in my opinion. Aeon Knights won a very hard fought run to conquer the planet of Taris. The worthy opponents were Mostly Harmless (Balkan Force and Guardian of Stars merged NiM Ops guild you may remember from Ahto City). As a guild we almost reached 10 Million points and could well have done so if the opposition hadn't thrown in the towel a good 24 hours before the end. We had people who were new to SWTOR Division and recruits making contributions as well as long term members. Thank you and congratulations to everyone! AK strong!

Some statistics: According to the website swtorconquest.com our score for that week was
-Highest on the server.
-Highest for any guild on Taris on any server worldwide.
-Second highest score in the EU
-5th highest score of any guild in the World.

-5 of our players achieved scores over 1 million each.
Egel, Lemmers, Fazor, Zero9 and Mazio. Pybo also came close.
-19 Members got at least one character to 50k
-25 members made some contribution.
Every point counted even if you couldn't make a huge contribution it helped keep us sane when we would log in having lost a 200k lead overnight.

Posted Image
The full list of scores is here:


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Summer Months in Review

Sep 02 2014 10:26 AM | Aesir in General News

Community News
  • The Germany meet up at Gamescom in Cologne was last month and saw current and former Aeon Knights attending the SWTOR Cantina and exploring the and bringing back some prizes for the community.
  • Vote on the winner of exclusive Gamescom swag HERE thanks to Aileme for the prizes (all divisions welcome to vote)
  • Reaper of Souls patch 2.1 has seen a mass return of AK members to Diablo 3 with several members trying testing their skills and internet connections in Hardcore for the first time.
  • Next community meet up is currently being planned join the discussion here.

The summer has been a period of increased progression for AK Wildstar, it has also seen recruitment back to post launch levels a sure sign the game is doing well. The summer has also seen the launch of 2 major content updates which is a nice change for a 2 month old game.

The summer has also seen a change to guild structure with Codey becoming second in command, Elfarran picking up the role of PVP officer and Krays joining the junior officer team, we are sure the new changes will help the guild prosper even further. The introduction of a PVP officer has allowed us to open up a 4th guild night (Saturday) dedicated to PVP in which most of the guild participates in Rated and practice matches in full guild groups. Work has also begun on our Warplot with our architects slaving away to make it ready for some epic 40v40 PVP.

As for Attunement the majority of the guild sit at 50 - 75% dungeon attunement, Raids are so close we can almost touch them now and with changes to dungeon attunements, amp and skill point drops we will be raiding sooner rather than later which is a major achievement for a non hardcore guild in Wildstar.

We also have an ongoing competition that we invite everyone in AK to vote on, in which someone will win some epic rare Wildstar swag!!

This month we leave you with a small impromptu guild outing to the Dominion Capital city.

Posted Image

Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and the Aeon Knights Youtube channel for all of the latest news from the Wildstar division.

Summer has been interesting for AK SWTOR with our recruitment up and has seen us get a lot of excellent new members. The game itself has made that a lot easier and activity is way up thanks to an imho excellent new update with both housing and guild housing. With a big expansion coming at the end of the year, things are looking great for SWTOR players.

In the first week of the new update Aeon Knights managed to purchase the Guild Flagship (soon to be named), largely thanks to generous donations from it's members. With the ship unlocked, we headed straight to Makeb and invaded the planet with a goal of conquering it and smashing some Republic. With a pretty herculean effort our modest-sized guild managed to compete and enter the top 10, eventually finishing in 8th place on the conquest ranking. It really came down to the wire. Thanks to all these players posing on the bridge of our new ship and several others for the effort!

Posted Image

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Dread Council HM Eliminated

Jul 21 2014 09:55 PM | Aesir in StarWars The Old Republic News

Progress for AK SWTOR!

After a couple of months of attendance dips and therefore months behind everyone else ;), we managed 3 nights of full AK groups and we managed to breeze through the Dread Council quicker than anticipated. Aeon Knights continues it's track record of taking it's time and still managing to complete all Hard Modes Operations before new content is released. (Largely without guides)

Posted Image

Thanks also to the others who couldn't be here, hope you can all join us again soon!
Check back soon for the youtube video of it.

In less important news we also had some time to kill and got to 1/5 in Dread Fortress Nightmare Mode. This isn't really our goal though so we'll have to see if we decide to venture much further down that path. Here's the video!

Dread Council HM AK 1st kill

Nefra NiM AK 1st kill

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Aeon Knights Turns 8

Jul 06 2014 05:26 PM | Sid in General News

8 years is pretty long period in the MMO world and I'm proud that I've spent most of them in our digital space. Aeon Knights was founded on 6th of July 2006 as a small friends-only kinship within LOTRO and since then has grow beyond countries and games to establish bounds between people across the whole world.

I'm proud to be part of this glorious guild, among with the finest guys and gals to spend your gaming time with :)

A huge thank you to Reclaw, Pybo, Jinks, Ratzinger and Bibje for always standing on the front lines!

Salute to all the SWTOR, Wildstar and TESO Officers that are making AK what it is right now!

Honorable mention to all who had fallen and lost their faith along the way, but have dedicated their time to AK.

But now I'm raising my glass to honor you, my dear friend, who wears proudly the AK tag high above your head and writing our glorious history every day! A deep bow and thank you!

Happy 8-th Birthday Aeon Knights!

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Housing Spotlight July

Jul 06 2014 04:08 PM | Pybo in Wildstar News

It's time for our first housing spotlight. For the first month we may have two houses so watch this space.

First up is our very own Finnish Aurin Noirik/Revon.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Boasting a very beautiful Aurin garden and a well planned out house its definitely worth a visit.

After viewing the video pop along for a visit and let us know what you think.

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May - Mid June Month In Review.

Jun 18 2014 03:46 PM | Reclaw in General News

May - Mid June, yes the Month in Review is still coming ;)

  • Game of the month is on hold Until after the World cup..... football fever FTW ;)
  • Please Still vote for the next game: right here
  • If you would like to keep playing Hearthstone please check out the Hearthstone Thread (Thanks Aesir)
  • Guild meet Information still needs to be finalised Please use:

For Germany in August

For London In September

  • On a Personal note I want to say a Huge thank you to the three divisions, keep up the great work guys. We have great places to play, and great friends to play with, what more do we need?
  • Oh yes and before I forget we have a Watchdogs game code to give out this next month. <still a work in progress so watch the forums>

Forgive the ESO division for no update thats mainly due to my unexpected absence and the disappearance of a couple of my officers leaving me with ONE who I'd like to acknowledge here for stepping up and keeping things going while I couldn't get in game....Thanks Helch :wink:

But don't worry we'll be ready for next months update with screenies and everything....On that note just a few words I'd like to say congratz to the new SWTOR leadership 'The Assembly' and to Pybo you guys are doing great jobs and lastly to Reclaw your ideas are taking Aeon Knights to new heights!!!


SWTOR Division's biggest news this month was the farewell of it's beloved leader Reclaw, who moved to a Community Leader/Council role. Aesir, Figgs and Sciron will henceforth be jointly leading the division. The three will be known as the 'Assembly' on the forums.

Gambling fever has hit SWTOR with a giant Rancor mount as the ultimate jackpot prize. The ultimate MMO credit sink has been invented and it's in the form of a "slot machine" on Nar Shadaa. Damn you lousy HUTTS! Aeon Knights have also started a gradual recruitment push with several recruits of all levels and experience joining our division over the past couple of weeks.

In Events news: AK were spotted almost failing at a recent Fleet datacron run, but the last month has been a resounding success in a great month's worth of fun Operations Nights.

Posted Image


May saw open beta and the launch of Wildstar. The mood around the division during open beta was very relaxed with lots of people on TS but not many in game due to avoiding spoilers. The final day of open beta saw the largest AK gathering ingame to date with over 30 people grouping up to kill a world boss and tour the Algeroc zone.

Launch day arrived and Aeon Knights bravely fought through big login queues to arrive on the server Hazak! Once ingame the server proved itself to be stable and polished. As the week moved on AK started to see its true potential reaching 114 individual members ingame. We did lose 3-4 members due to login queues and there were calls from other areas in the division to take advantage of free transfers and move the guild off Hazak. The leadership discussed all options but decided to ultimately to stay on Hazak due to past experience of being on lesser populated servers in SWTOR.

The guild also congratulated our first 50 Ocelot with another 28 players to date following in his footsteps, this prompted the start of some very tough veteran adventures.

In recent days the guild has seen its decision to stay on Hazak justified with login queues dropping down to a minimum while the server remains the fullest EU PVP server.

This week will see the start of events for AK in Wildstar and the first vet dungeon runs.

From all in Wildstar VIVA LA AK.

Posted Image

Thanks to Jinks, Aesir and Pybo for this Month In Review.

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End Of Open Beta Get Together

May 18 2014 08:45 PM | Pybo in Wildstar News

Ok so screenshots from the get together first!

31 of us turned up and caused much confusion around Algeroc. We decided to stop by the Town hall and have a rest.

Posted Image

We then caught wind the World boss for Algeroc so we went and took his 1.4 million health down. (Pepper was right with we are not wiping for the first 20 seconds then the first telegraph finished off half of the raid.)

Posted Image

Our video of the World boss.

We then went to the Exiles special operations room, one of the many hidden gems on Nexus that you will only find by exploring the world.

Posted Image

Finally we went back to the site of our first guild picture all those weeks ago.

Posted Image

We ended the night with a dance off AK style, see you all on Nexus in 2 weeks.

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