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Lord of the Rings Online News

Riders of Rohan - Coming October 15 -2012

Oct 05 2012 02:08 PM | Nimarda in Lord of the Rings Online News

Arise!! Arise!! Riders of Théoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered, a sword-day, a red-day, ere the sun rises!!! Ride now, Ride now! Ride for Ruin and the world's ending...!!! Deaaaath!!!!! Deaaaaath!!!!!

But before we go to the battle of Pelenor...King Théoden need our aid!!
We'll travel from the Argonath, visit Amon Hen and finally....to Edoras and Helmsdeep to aid the king of Rohan and we'll ride with the riders of rohan, with the Eorlingas!!!

Forth Aeon Knights...Prepare for the war, for glory!!!

more information about the next expansion

See you soon in Middle Earth

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New Trophy

Feb 23 2012 07:40 PM | Melltem in Lord of the Rings Online News

AK lotro division killed the draigoch again and now have a new toy at home :)

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Draigoch Down Again

Jan 27 2012 09:13 PM | Beragra in Lord of the Rings Online News

It was long time ago when we last did Draigoch's Lair raid. Tonight, Aeon Knights entered his lair again and killed him.

We are going to pay some more visits in upcoming weeks.

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Rise of Isengard Official Patch Notes

Sep 26 2011 10:56 AM | Gerwig in Lord of the Rings Online News

While we're all waiting eagerly for the servers to go back up again, Turbine released the patch notes for the expansion!

You can read them here: http://lorebook.lotr...ngard,_Official

See you in game again!

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Winners Of The AK Summer Lottery

Sep 26 2011 08:57 AM | Melltem in Lord of the Rings Online News

I am glad to announce that The Summer Lottery has come to an end and last night we have found out the lucky winners. First of all I would like to thank everybody for the active participation in the lottery process and especially would like to thank Sidelyn, Padaveja and Barduk who helped establishing the prizes.

And the lucky winners are:

Barduk with number 37, who won the Rise of Isengard expansion pack. Our second winner is Nimarda with lucky number 9, who chose the first in game prize - 25 g. + 4 x T6 relics. The third and the fourth prizes went to Akeyne, who was the luckiest and got his numbers (6 and 62) rolled twice in a row. He chose the moneyyyyyyyyyyy and received two other in game prizes (15 g. + 4 x T6 relics and 10 g. + 4 x T6 relics). The rolls continued and the next winner was Hawtage who won the crafting tools with the lucky number 99 and Pitka won the Symbol of Celebrimbor with the lucky number 10. And Finally the second Rise of Isengard expansion pack was won by Beragra who picked 57 as his lucky number.

Congradulations to the winners and to those who didn't win this time I wish better luck in our future lotteries!

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