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Knights Of The Fallen Empire

Welcome to the latest and possibly least hotly anticipated game expansion KOTFE! Despite the complete lack of content and the broken promises by Bioware in the Operations department, Knights of the Fallen Empire has brought a fresh, streamlined and engaging return to story content in the Old Republic. It's hard to argue that KOTFE has done anything but surpass our expectations, even though the bar wasn't set terribly high. It's not perfect by any means and for spoiler reasons I'll refrain from elaborating, but it's certainly damn fun. Bioware have even managed to rekindle some of the old links to it's KOTOR roots which are extremely endearing and allow us to be more optimistic for the future of SWTOR than in any expansion before.

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I hope everyone is enjoying leveling, questing and gearing and will continue to enjoy the new format of content being released and we can look forward to Operations starting again in the week of the 9th of November. I urge you to go to the Ops roles thread here ASAP to confirm your mains, in order to give us the maximum amount of time to adapt to any changes. Use the calendar as usual to sign up. Be there and patched 15 minutes ahead of start time, augment what you can (click this link to see your best gearing options for all disciplines).

Have fun!

Aesur, Figgs, Sciron

Nov 05 2015 10:19 AM

View PostFiggs, on 05 November 2015 - 09:32 AM, said:

Despite the complete lack of content and the broken promises by Bioware in the Operations department...

What promises are you talking about? It has been known for monthes prior to release that there wont be any new opses at kotfe start for the sake of easy gearing, but they will bring new content as expansion unfolds.

Nov 05 2015 02:05 PM
I'd say this expansion has the most content of any in SWToR yet, if you look at the bigger picture and not just the ops side of things. This time round it feels much more than just going through a planet, a new button to press and then on to the ops gear grind. The game feels more 'alive' now, and in all honesty I'm looking forward to revisiting some of the old ops at the correct level/gear again. That being said, I am awaiting with bated breath the upcoming operations, if only to see if they came up with more interesting mechanics than circles of bad stuff everywhere a melee is stood this time round :P

Also as a side note, I'm loving the new gear system. Mastery was a stroke of genius in SWToR as it wasn't exactly skill dependent to pick up a piece of gear with the correct main stat on it... there was no real freedom in gearing or builds. So now all gear has the possibility to be useful for alts etc. Much more efficient.

Nov 05 2015 02:47 PM
The last couple of expansions Ive hardly even played - but this one i have been truely encaptured by, the reworking of the systems involved feel a lot more free flowing and open and the gear - although the 198-216 converstion is a bit tricky, the overall feeling is simpler

Im not overly fussed about no new ops - im looking forward to visiting the old ones with a bit of a challenge (A LOT of a challenge according to some tank threads), especially if that gives them some breeathing room to come up with some new stuff...

Nov 05 2015 09:50 PM
Love the replies guys, haven't been able to get on much and it's nice to see some dialogue and lots of excitement.

View PostAileme, on 05 November 2015 - 10:19 AM, said:

What promises are you talking about? It has been known for monthes prior to release that there wont be any new opses at kotfe start for the sake of easy gearing, but they will bring new content as expansion unfolds.

I was referring to the promises made after the wait from DF/DP to Rav/ToS that there would never be a wait this long for new Ops content. That one was broken. Whether you think it was warranted is up to you. I don't absolutely hate the decision, I just think it's worth mentioning. Even if it's just to keep the hype-train in check. Don't be too ready to believe promises made by a game developer or publisher, always take it with a grain of salt.

Nov 06 2015 07:31 AM
Hey guys, figured I can put point of view of totally new person to the game (since I started playing on last monday) :)

First of all, I'm not a giant SW fan, yeah I watched all movies, and read some stuff, but well there is just something about those lightsabers I couldnt help myself to own one (actually two, since being marauder zing zing). Anyways one day I was at work I decided its time to give SWTOR a chance, had no idea new expansion has come out and what to expect. One thing that pushed me into was that I knew that AK division is lively, so I wouldnt be totally alone in the galaxy. Thats enough of chit chat, lets go over my impressions.

F2p - should be renamed suck2play, but it gives u a hint of what the game can offer, especially what u cant use or get if u dont subscribe, since Im impatient noob I subscribed for 90days, and from that point game started to feel better - I hate being told I cant use/loot content I get into

I absolutely love that u get downleveled and get rewards for ur lvl when u are at lower zones, maybe its a bit too excessive, as doing story quests Im already 9 lvls above content, but after doing heroic 2+ I loot to find lvl appropriate stuff from box - that makes me feel like Im not wasting my time.

Havent done any grouping yet, except one pvp warzone, noticed u get boosted to lvl 65, but I was pwned big time, didnt even get one kill, even thou couple times I rushed into ppl wiht 5% hp, that makes u feel worthless :P Looking forward to check grp content once I get to cap or near that (so I have some tools to make a difference), hopefully u guys can carr...erm I mean take me with u for some of it ;)

Other thing I like about this game, and think will keep me in at least for 90 days is the story, I like a good storyline and character development, hope itll just get better and better :) And the voiceovers, at least what I encountered feels good, like how music tends to change according to situation (other thing is like in every other mmo, how the heck being in the middle of dessert I keep hearing music, must be something wrong with my head), audio side gets a plus.

Crafting was extremely confusing at first, but now Im around 360 on all 3 professions (chose Artifice with Archaelogy and Treasure hunting - cause wanted to make my own color crystals and lightsabers (and once I got to know it and more likely to use hilts)). There is still a lot about crafting that more terrifies me than anything, especially when checking prices on the market, but maybe guildies will be helpful, I know u can count on me, once my usefulness in this area become a real thing.

There is also strongholds/legacy/social level and much more I just encountered but havent explored so far.

Just my two cents, hope to see u all ingame, and maybe have fun together :)



Ps. On side note, Im happy I havent used level 60 token, since its bugged and they just disabled it yday, thou it looks like they got themselves a lot of angry subscribers :P