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If you are here, You are a like-minded person who seeks challenges, Just as we do. It's a vast and lonely world full of games out there with tons of opportunities and our main mission is to explore and conquer them, While we have fun together. We are defining ourselves as casual-core players, Unfortunately we have grown enough to face the responsibilities in life, But not too much to forget the childish dreams of being warriors or mages. We have a long and glorious history and we will be here for many more years to come!

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Summer Months in Review

Community News
  • The Germany meet up at Gamescom in Cologne was last month and saw current and former Aeon Knights attending the SWTOR Cantina and exploring the and bringing back some prizes for the community.
  • Vote on the winner of exclusive Gamescom swag HERE thanks to Aileme for the prizes (all divisions welcome to vote)
  • Reaper of Souls patch 2.1 has seen a mass return of AK members to Diablo 3 with several members trying testing their skills and internet connections in Hardcore for the first time.
  • Next community meet up is currently being planned join the discussion here.

The summer has been a period of increased progression for AK Wildstar, it has also seen recruitment back to post launch levels a sure sign the game is doing well. The summer has also seen the launch of 2 major content updates which is a nice change for a 2 month old game.

The summer has also seen a change to guild structure with Codey becoming second in command, Elfarran picking up the role of PVP officer and Krays joining the junior officer team, we are sure the new changes will help the guild prosper even further. The introduction of a PVP officer has allowed us to open up a 4th guild night (Saturday) dedicated to PVP in which most of the guild participates in Rated and practice matches in full guild groups. Work has also begun on our Warplot with our architects slaving away to make it ready for some epic 40v40 PVP.

As for Attunement the majority of the guild sit at 50 - 75% dungeon attunement, Raids are so close we can almost touch them now and with changes to dungeon attunements, amp and skill point drops we will be raiding sooner rather than later which is a major achievement for a non hardcore guild in Wildstar.

We also have an ongoing competition that we invite everyone in AK to vote on, in which someone will win some epic rare Wildstar swag!!

This month we leave you with a small impromptu guild outing to the Dominion Capital city.

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Summer has been interesting for AK SWTOR with our recruitment up and has seen us get a lot of excellent new members. The game itself has made that a lot easier and activity is way up thanks to an imho excellent new update with both housing and guild housing. With a big expansion coming at the end of the year, things are looking great for SWTOR players.

In the first week of the new update Aeon Knights managed to purchase the Guild Flagship (soon to be named), largely thanks to generous donations from it's members. With the ship unlocked, we headed straight to Makeb and invaded the planet with a goal of conquering it and smashing some Republic. With a pretty herculean effort our modest-sized guild managed to compete and enter the top 10, eventually finishing in 8th place on the conquest ranking. It really came down to the wire. Thanks to all these players posing on the bridge of our new ship and several others for the effort!

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