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Aeon Knights: Conquerors of Taris

Taris: Controlled by Aeon Knights

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Well this is definitely worth a news post on the front page in my opinion. Aeon Knights won a very hard fought run to conquer the planet of Taris. The worthy opponents were Mostly Harmless (Balkan Force and Guardian of Stars merged NiM Ops guild you may remember from Ahto City). As a guild we almost reached 10 Million points and could well have done so if the opposition hadn't thrown in the towel a good 24 hours before the end. We had people who were new to SWTOR Division and recruits making contributions as well as long term members. Thank you and congratulations to everyone! AK strong!

Some statistics: According to the website swtorconquest.com our score for that week was
-Highest on the server.
-Highest for any guild on Taris on any server worldwide.
-Second highest score in the EU
-5th highest score of any guild in the World.

-5 of our players achieved scores over 1 million each.
Egel, Lemmers, Fazor, Zero9 and Mazio. Pybo also came close.
-19 Members got at least one character to 50k
-25 members made some contribution.
Every point counted even if you couldn't make a huge contribution it helped keep us sane when we would log in having lost a 200k lead overnight.

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The full list of scores is here:


Oct 22 2014 04:24 PM
Everybody above me scored too many points and needs to get a life :P

Oct 22 2014 04:48 PM
Yeah yeah Zero, i'm still looking for it :P

Seriously though, a big thanks to the guys and gals that helped me out with mats over the weekend as that probably helped me generate a few hundred k in crafting without spending the very last of my money on buying the missing stacks i needed.
And props to those who also shared and donated via the guild bank, a big part of our winning push on Sunday was thanks to the generosity and team spirit displayed there :)

Congrats to everyone who took part and contributed to last weeks conquest, it was amazing to see what our small guild was capable of!

As a side note, i'm not doing it again to that scale for a long time lol

Oct 23 2014 07:16 AM
We could try it again during this conquest, but different planet in several month from now =)

Oct 23 2014 10:28 PM
All this: in the world, in EU... Just WOW =)
Grats to all! =)

Oct 25 2014 07:22 AM
Nice one! Congratulations dudes.