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If you are here, You are a like-minded person who seeks challenges, Just as we do. It's a vast and lonely world full of games out there with tons of opportunities and our main mission is to explore and conquer them, While we have fun together. We are defining ourselves as casual-core players, Unfortunately we have grown enough to face the responsibilities in life, But not too much to forget the childish dreams of being warriors or mages. We have a long and glorious history and we will be here for many more years to come!

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Star wars November December update

AK Star Wars: The Old Republic Division rounded off an eventful couple of months in the game with a new expansion, the game's third anniversary and a new Force Marshal. Aeon Knights has grown steadily over the past six months and we're happy to see the guild settle to a size we're very happy with, with member activity remaining strong. The month of December started off with a brand new second Digital Expansion for our beloved game, heavily featuring an old familiar character in Shadow of Revan. The new expansion has brought with it a couple of new planets, new story, new Operations, a new skill system, new gear and much more.

Several veteran players have used the opportunity to switch main characters and we're looking forward to seeing how the new composition and news specs gel into a new look Operations team in 3.0. Remember to read this and sign up here or HERE for the first run into the new Operations.

Last month also saw us honour a three-year tradition of celebrating the anniversary of pre-release of the game with our very own AK Player Awards. This was the first time we were able to hold it in our very own guild ship cantina, and despite a less than stellar turn out due to scheduling conflicts, great laughs were definitely had. See the winners here.

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Thanks to all the players, the very generous award sponsors and the winners for making it another great year. Thanks for all the patience you've had for the guild leadership, thanks to everyone who came forward with problems, we really encourage you to keep doing so. This is just a game but it's also a community and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the game and eachother's company several nights per week. Lastly I'd like to welcome the new members again and congratulate Mazio on his promotion.

On behalf of the Dark Triumvirate/SWTOR Assembly all the best for everyone and their loved ones for 2015. Let's have another great year in Star Wars and in the Aeon Knights Community. And remember.. only 50 weeks until the Force Awakens! Glory to the Empire!