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End Of Open Beta Get Together

Ok so screenshots from the get together first!

31 of us turned up and caused much confusion around Algeroc. We decided to stop by the Town hall and have a rest.

Posted Image

We then caught wind the World boss for Algeroc so we went and took his 1.4 million health down. (Pepper was right with we are not wiping for the first 20 seconds then the first telegraph finished off half of the raid.)

Posted Image

Our video of the World boss.

We then went to the Exiles special operations room, one of the many hidden gems on Nexus that you will only find by exploring the world.

Posted Image

Finally we went back to the site of our first guild picture all those weeks ago.

Posted Image

We ended the night with a dance off AK style, see you all on Nexus in 2 weeks.

May 19 2014 08:14 AM
that was fun