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Application Khaseer

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#1 Khaseer

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Posted 23 October 2015 - 10:59 PM

Basic Information
# Name: Jakub (Jacob)
# Age: 23
# Sex: male
# Country: Poland
# Timezone: GMT+1

General Information
# Why do you want to join Aeon Knights?
I had 3 months break from SWTOR (vacation job) and got kicked out from previous guild due to inactivity :(
# How did you hear about us?
I saw and advertisment on general chat ingame.
# What do you expect from Aeon Knights?
I except I could do some ops and get better gear. I also miss socializing with guild, silly jokes on TS and general atmosphere inside a guild.
# What can you do for Aeon Knights as a member/officer?
I can actively take part in raids (at least once a week). I can also be assigned to any function as my english skills are pretty good for a polish guy ;)
# What are you? Rank yourself from 1-5 on all: Raider, PvP, Crafter, Socializer
Raider 4
PvP 2
Crafter 4
Socializer 3
# How would you define your playstyle? (Casual, Moderate or Hardcore)
I'd say moderate.
# Are you familiar with Teamspeak3 and do you have a working mic?
Yes and yes.
# Any previous MMORPG experience?
Well I play SWTOR since the beggining of it (with few breaks). I used to play WoW a bit but it was so little I wouldn't count it.
# What other games are you playing ?
I recently enjoy playing Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

Game Information

# What is your ingame name ?
My main character name is Khaseer. Then there are about 5 or 6 other names I use for other chars.
# What is your level ?
60, as I just got back from a break.
# What class and advanced class is your main and what role/spec is that character?
Sith Inquisitor/Sith Assassin spec: deceptiom, role: dps.
# What crewskills did you pick and why ?
Synthwaving, Archeology and Slicing. Cause I could make a lot of money on augments back in the day before they took it from me in patch 4.0 (They took Versatiles from me -.-). But it doesn't really count as I cover all crewskills accountwise, most of them on lvl 500.

In conclusion

# Is there anything else you would like for us to be aware of before we consider your application to Aeon Knights?
Well, I hope you review this application positively and invite me in your guild. I can say I'm polite, tolerant person and I won't cause any problems.
# Questions of your own?
None for now.

#2 Aileme


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Posted 23 October 2015 - 11:39 PM

Hello and welcome to AK =) good luck with application ;)

#3 Aesir

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Posted 25 October 2015 - 01:18 PM

Hey and welcome we will review your application and get back to you soon.

#4 Figgs

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Posted 25 October 2015 - 08:40 PM

We discussed your app and we like to welcome you to the team.

You will start of as a recruit and based on your activity ingame, on forums and teamspeak you will get promoted
For more information please check out this link >>>> Welcome to AK!

whisper Aesur, Figgs, Sciron, Wymbolt, Ogamii ingame for an invite

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